Prejoin Event infor

Come here for all things that has to do with the Prejoin event!
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Prejoin Event infor

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Event Period: Aug 1st 2023 - ????
Welcome to Moon Crystal's first event. It's our Prejoin event. On this event, you are asked to donate things to help the TCG out. It's really simple.

Event Guidelines
We are not open fully yet.
Meaning that you can start the site for your starter pack and such, but things are WIP. So I ask you to not earn cards from the site right now.

Register to the forum and donate at least 1 deck.
You don't have to make the deck, just donate photos for a deck works too.

Bonus rewards for helping.
You will earn cards, points and dolls as you donate. Which you will earn bonus things as you donate in this event.

Special member status?
On the site, you will get a gold star on your profile as staff get the beta icon...which is red star. As for the forum, there is no ranks right now, but I'll make some soon.

Prejoin Donate pages