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Welcome to Moon Crystal, this is the page that gives you information for easier setting up your trade post and collects the cards that are part of this TCG. I will try to be short and clear about the information I want to give you.

Moon Crystal is a TCG dedicated to Sailor Moon - which means characters, scenes, relationships ect. This is one that was born because we really needed a sailor moon tcg, and I need to thank Aki and others for support..

Moon Crystal updates weekly every Thursday, Central Time (GMT-6). (Owner lives in Arkansas) This TCG is semi-automated so if something happens it will be updated anyway, at least a part of it, but it would be nice if you could wait for the official update and not the placeholder.

Below are pages of the guide book that will help you through the site. ^_^
TCG 101Cards & MasteringLevels up system
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Frequently Asked Questions
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