Beta mode = looking for help

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Hello there. I got some news for you all. I'm going to be doing Beta mode. Which is for anyone that wants to help get Moon Crystal open faster. Meaning, I need staff or just some helpers.

So what do we need to get done for open this tcg?
Well decks and maybe some pixels that would work for Currency for events. And other things. since I want this to be the best Sailor Moon TCG.

The site will open for prejoin once there are 50 current/released decks and 100 upcoming/future decks.
  • Released: 31/50
  • Upcoming: 4/100

What you can do in beta mode:
-Get your starter pack and bonus
-Claim decks
-Donate decks
-Help Salya with pages and details
-Donate graphics. Such as buttons, shop items etc

What you can't do in Beta mode:
-Play games. (you can test them but don't claim the rewards please)
-Trade with others.
-Referral others.

As you can see the Main point of Beta mode is to test things out and to help Salya get this TCG open faster!

To join:
you must DM Salya over on Discord or the forums(after you joined it) for her to open the TCG for a short time for you to join. After you get your activation email. Check your spam folder and see if you get an email from us.

You can also go ahead to join the forums if I have the registration closed.

For those that are helping out by making decks. add the (media suffix) before the deck name. like: sma-chibimoon for Classic anime Chiba moon.
Here is the list of the media with the (suffix):
  • Classic anime (sma)
  • Crystal (smc)
  • Manga (smm)
  • PGSM (phsm)
  • Sera Myu (smu)

Here is the list of sets that we allow here:
  • Classic Anime (90s)
  • Crystal
  • Opening/Closing (from Classic anime and Crystal)
  • Attacks (from Classic anime and Crystal)
  • Transformations (from Classic anime and Crystal)
  • Sma Scenes
  • Smc Scenes
  • Groups/Pairing (from Classic anime and Crystal)
  • Manga
  • PGSM
  • Sera Myu
  • Specials
  • Event

Below is a few of the decks added to the site. DO NOT CLAIM ANY OF THEM for now.

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.