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Hey there ppl. I'm sorry about this but Moon Crystal had to start since my domain missed up. So I lost everything. -sighs- Oh well. Life goes on.

  • Released: 50 decks (Need to re-add)
  • Upcoming: 008/100 decks

Give me a few days to weeks and I'll get all of the decks back up.

Need to redo:
  • The guide book 75%
  • Pages 50%
  • decks 35%
  • the forums 95% done, just need to post things on it
  • games 92%

...I think that's everything...

Things I wish to change but don't know how:
  • Update posts to look how Sakura's post are.
  • Tabs in the Coming soon and Released deck pages.
  • have more games...
  • get new released decks to show up on the sidebar

Oh I'm still looking for deck makers to help me and Raie. DM me on discord if interested.

Oh Even thou the site is open for pre-joiners, We still need staff to help run this TCG. So if you have any skills that you wish to use to help us out, hit us up on Discord. ^_^

Below is just a preview!

New Releases

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