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Site Currency

Moon Crystal has two types of currency: Moon Points and SM Dolls. Moon points can be used to purchase collectibles (such as CDs, DVDs, and posters), while SM Dolls can be used for cards and coupons.

Crystal Shop

Half of our shop is automated. On the site, all purchases can be done on the shop page, where you can pick from a few card packs, a few coupons and maybe a few merch. But keep in mind that the shop page is WIP.

Coupons coutinue to be exchange and redeemable on the forums, or simply by displaying it on your trade post. Right now, you can only redeem them on the form. Sorry.

To view a summary of the current full inventory of Crystal Shop items, see below. For a more detailed breakdown of each item, check out the Crystal Shop page linked above!

Choice Cards
(Instant Purchase)
Come in packs of 3 or 5 cards, all selected from the player's deck(s) of choice. They can be used to master a deck! To purchase a single choice card, please see the coupons section.
Card Packs
(Instant Purchase)
Come in packs of 5 or 10, with each containing the chosen amount of randomly selected cards, either from a single deck type, all available types, or only decks from the most recent release (regardless of deck type)!
(Redeemed Later)
Available in 5 varieties: Choice Card, Custom Master Badge, Forum Member card, Profile Badge, and Custon Level Badges. They all allow a player to either redeem choice cards (first type); apply for a custom master badge, new forum rank, or profile badge (second to fourth types), or; change an existing rank/badge (last three types only). Almost all of them can be redeemed on the forums with just the Choice Card coupon being redeemable on-site!
For all items mentioned above, there are no limits or restrictions to how many choice cards can be from the same deck or how many packs and coupons can be of the same type, nor is there a limit to how many of each item can be purchased overall!


This is all WIP...

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