Trade Center

Trade Cards

Trade cards are used to help members of Moon Crystal keep track of the cards that they trade with one another. You can view the trade card graphics by clicking here. However, you are not required to use them. What is required, however, is a detailed log of how many cards you traded. Trade cards contain enough space for 30 cards worth of trades, so you may redeem rewards for every 30 worth that is traded away.

Log Example

- Traded SalyaDarken: my sma-boatrideromance10, smc-klutz05 for sma-crissmakeup05, sma-usagi15 (2)

- Traded: 2 of my cards for 2 ofSalyaDarken's cards

In essence

Always indicate the exact cards that you are trading away as well as the cards that you are receiving in a trade. It would also help to record the total worth of the trade in question since staff does have to check these logs when handing out rewards.


There are two kinds of rewards. You get rewards from Solo trades and from filling out one or more of the trade cards.
Solo Trade: 4 random cards + 20 Moon Points
Trade card base reward + 2 choice card